Maureen Muldoon

Do you want to tell a story at Voice Box, but aren’t quite sure where to start? You have something you want to say but aren’t sure how to share it? You want to share your story, but are afraid to be in the spotlight? Or maybe you’re just looking for some guidance so you can become the best storyteller you can be. Regardless of the exact reason you’re looking for, Story Coaching with Maureen Muldoon won’t let you down. If you ask her clients, you’ll hear just how much Maureen has helped foster people’s stories into amazing, and engaging content to build a relationship with the audience, and how much she’s helped storytellers and writers to shine in and own the spotlight. Please contact us with any questions or more information about Story Coaching! We look forward to hearing what you have to say!


“Maureen has a gift for helping shape the stories of another into form that most honors the storyteller. This telling is healing and empowering. She breaks the process of writing and telling a story into manageable pieces. Each piece is a stepping stone to becoming your best self.” ~ Lisa Ebela

“Maureen Muldoon demonstrates mastery at aural editing. She hears the essence of a story, suggests how to build it to full development, and also helps cull what is non­essential. Through Write­On!, Do­Not­Submit, and VoiceBox, Maureen consistently brings forth the best in her writers/storytellers so that they convey their tales in a manner which connects with their audience. My work with Maureen has produced stories which feel more cleanly and honestly told than works from the majority of workshops and seminars in which I’ve participated. The best part of working with Maureen Muldoon is the lady herself. She’s joyful, attentive, bright, engaging, respectful, insightful, and genuine. Maureen is a delight, and I thank her for challenging me to create some of my best compositions to date.” ~ Jane Mathie (Artist/Writer)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Maureen on a variety of writing projects in the story telling realm. She has reviewed materials I have written and provided sound, effective editorial direction, helping to craft them into efficient, entertaining works. Further, I have enjoyed reading and hearing dozens of Maureen’s stories, which run the full emotional gamut and are always filled with insight. Maureen is a gifted humorist and sees the world in its best light… yet works tirelessly  to unearth the best of our stories and never quits until she has found the essence of a work.”     ~ Terry Faloon