Voice Box September 2017

We wanted to send a special note of thanks for being a part of the Voice Box community. Thanks to you, we are moving into our 5th year and it keeps getting better! Every month at Voice Box, we get to see great storytellers share their truth with courage and humor and generosity. Some of the storytellers make it look easy. Other storytellers are not as polished but come with a powerful presence or a provocative take on the subject. Some storytellers shoot from the hip, some read from the page. Some are mad ramblers and others are lean and thoughtful. No matter what your style or experience, your voice is valid.

As we move into the Fall and the holiday season, we have some great themes and storytellers lined up, but there are still spaces and we would love to hear from you. There is an awesome community at the heart of Voice Box and you have been a huge part of that. If you have yet to share a full-length story, I hope you are inspired by our themes. Please check them out, share them with your friends and family and let me know when you would like to join us on stage. Let us know if there is a theme song you would like to hear or if you would like to have Cathy and Maureen turn your corporate holiday party into a night worth remembering with your very own Company Inspired Voice Box Show. Everything is better when we share our stories.

See you all at the BOX!


Maureen, Cathy, and the Voice Box Crew