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Who: folks 15 years and up.

When: Every 2nd Tuesday of the month 8:00 – 9:30

Where: FitzGeralds 6615 Roosevelt Road Berwyn, IL

What: The Voice Box concept is simple, but tuneful: storytelling with a song. Cathy Richardson (of Jefferson Starship) performs a featured song, which also supplies the theme for all the evening’s stories. After each storyteller, Cathy performs another song inspired by the storu. The stories and songs get woven into an amazing show that will have you laughing, tapping your feet and singing along. After the guest storytellers are finished, audience members are encouraged to contribute though their stories must be limited to five sentences or two minutes.

Where it began: Voice Box story and song night had it’s first event at Madison Ave. theatre in February of 2013 and delighted an audience of nine people. Eight of those people were family members. The theme song was I want to hold your hand, by the Beatles and the musical guest was the amazing Megon McDonough.

Voice Box moved to FitzGerald’s side bar in April of that year and the audience doubled in size. It’s been growing steadily ever since. In early 2015 Voice Box busted out of the side bar moved onto the main stage and has played to sold out shows every month since.

Richardson and Muldoon are the perfect combination of heart and soul, music and story. Making Voice Box the best night of the month. Check out past shows on


Thank you for creating a fun, open, creative space. It is what we all need even when we don’t know it. Grateful beyond words to be part of Voicebox!
-Lisa Ebel.


“Absolutely fabulous evening! Thanks you to all the fabulous story tellers and the wonderful space in which to share… Cathy Richardson’s monologue of “Hot for Teacher” may have been the highlight of my year..”
-Lisa Pearson-


So hard to explain to people who weren’t there what voice box is all about but last night was a doozy! Even Chris the bartender said it was :inspiring” I laughed, I cried, I laughed until I cried. Awesome stories last night!!
-Misty Lusion-


Step into your spot light and come tell your story. We want to hear all about it!